Burnaby PCN - COVID-19

Testing is only available for those who have COVID-19 symptoms unless you have been sent for testing by a doctor or Public Health. Please see the list of symptoms below to ensure you qualify for testing. You will be assessed by a nurse at your visit.

People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. These include:

Fever Cough Diarrhea
Runny Nose Chills Pink eye
Fatigue Myalgia (muscle aches) Abdominal pain
Headaches Sore Throat Dizziness, confusion
Loss of taste, smell or appetite Shortness of Breath Skin rashes or discoloration of fingers or toes

Please note, we do not provide testing to fulfill pre-travel or employer requirements in asymptomatic individuals. If you are unsure if you qualify for testing, please call HealthLink BC by dialing 8-1-1.
For patients between the ages of 5-17, a saline (salt water) gargle may be offered to collect a sample in place of the nasalpharyngeal swab. If offered this option, the child will have one opportunity for the gargle; if there are any issues on the first attempt, the nasalpharyngeal swab will be used instead.

Please Click Here to view video demonstration of saline gargle option, so that your child can practice in advance (can practice using salt water more than 2 hours prior to the test). The child CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT OR DRINK, including gum, or water, or have smoked, including cigarettes and vapes, WITHIN 1 HOUR of coming to the testing center (this is to ensure test accuracy).